Review: This is What Happy Looks Like

This is What Boring Looks Like

I should not let myself get sucked in by cutsie titles and cutsie covers with awesome fonts.

The gist of this book is this:  Graham accidentally emails Ellie about his pig.  Ellie keeps emailing back and forth with Graham, and after a few months, they feel like friends that were thrown together by fate.  Graham, who didn’t tell Ellie that he just so happens to be a movie star, convinces his director to move the shoot for his next movie to Ellie’s town in Maine.

After that, all sorts of drama and dullness occurs.

Apparently happy looks ridiculous and boring.

The Good

  • Nice cover

The Bad

  • Ellie & Graham were only in correspondence for 3 months before they met.  While in Henley they were only together for a few days.  Aside from the paparazzi, there never seemed to be any doubt about their relationship, they just knew it was right immediately.  Everything felt too automatic to me.  I realize that the whole plot revolved around the two protagonists coming together serendipitously and finding happiness, but it seemed much too simple.
  • The boat stealing scene was just annoying.  They steal a boat they don’t really know how to drive, have no idea where they’re going, forget/lose both cell phones, and run out of gas.  And the stupid trip came to naught after all that.
  • Overall, this book just didn’t do it for me.  I felt no romance coming through the writing, and it seemed like much of the story was spent focused on Ellie and her dilemmas and past issues.

Overall Rating

2 out of 5 – Unfortunately not my cup of tea.  Would not recommend.


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