Season 2…FINALLY!


Outlander Season 2 Marketing Shoot

I don’t have Starz, so I have been waiting impatiently since April (really, since February when the damn trailer came out) to watch season 2 of Outlander.  I cannot describe how psyched I am to go to Target this afternoon to pick up my copy!

No more drooling over photos and teaser videos – I will actually be able to watch all the episodes!  Over and over and over and….

Also, I am happy to report that I have finally finished all eight books in the Outlander series.  It has been a strange couple of weeks since I read the last page of WiMOHB.  I feel like I lost a family member.  What a world Herself has created.  So many characters, so many feels…I miss it already.  As much as I am tempted to reread, I also feel like I am ready to move on to new books and series.  It is comforting though, to know that Jamie and Claire are sitting on my bookshelf if needed.  Thank you Diana Gabaldon!  Looking forward to book 9!


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