Welcome to electricYAWP!  I am a mid-twenty-something Midwestern bibliophile.  In 2nd grade, when I discovered the Boxcar Children series, I became hooked on books, carrying them with me everywhere.  Literally.  The bus, class, restaurants, the dentist, family gatherings, you name it, I always had a book with me.  Even now I bring my reading with me whenever I can (though I was once scolded for trying to bring a book to a bar).

I love the freedom that books give.  New worlds, new characters, and new ideas.  Reading is exciting, thought provoking, and it gives me a much needed escape from drab reality.

There really is no one genre that I am hooked on, though I do tend to stay within the realm of YA fiction, adult literature, and fantasy.

In addition to books, I have a great love for all things outdoors and artsy.  I enjoy exploring what nature has to offer via hiking and kayaking.  I collect a dangerously large amount of orphaned and unwanted houseplants, much to my husband’s chagrin.

Thank you for visiting my blog – I hope you enjoy!


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